Yours Truly

" Dabi, have you said thank you to those who helped you?" asked my parents last night. I remembered I did to some, but I am pretty sure I have missed a few. Thank you mak & ayah for always keeping me in the right track.

This note is specially dedicated to all who is reading it, right now.

In the early years of my involvement with childhood cancer patients, a friend of mine, who has lost her son due to cancer, told me this... " There are times when we, who have children with cancer broke down when we saw the other children who are in the same situation. Davie, we need you to be strong." That was many years back..and I kept it strongly in my heart.

Honestly, it is not easy to hold back tears, especially when the mothers hug me. But you know what, I thank you to Allah SWT for giving me the chance to know all of you.If there is a way, I would like meet in you in person and express my gratitude for your prayers, trust and support in every programmes/projects that I do. Every prayers, trust,emotional encouragements and supports in all ways that you gave, made me stronger every day. It is very meaningful to me.

Thank you to my parents, siblings and relatives who have been supporting me for 33 years.. I love u so much
Thank you to all my friends who accepted me for the way I am and endlessly supporting me.. I love u and you all are AMAZING!
Thank you to all who have been following my notes/blog.. my love goes to you too.. your prayers are important to me

Honestly, deep from my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Most important of all... THANK YOU Allah SWT for the blessing that You gave...

May Allah bless you all

p/s I know some of you have posted my notes in your blog/facebook.. kindly share this notes with your friends too.. as I did read their comments. My gratitude goes to your friends too...

Yours truly,


  1. You're welcome ;P Hahaha... perasan sendiri...

  2. Terima kasih kepada Tuhan atas karunianya menciptakan manusia sepertimu, amat empati. May God bless you to Kak Davi.

  3. i really adore you... i wondering who are you... why you do this for all the children.. including mine... you are such an angel for all the children !!!
    Thank a lot !!!!

  4. Azleen : i try to give u an answer,difficult though..the best answer i can think of is... i love them .. take care Leen :)