Small To Us, Huge To Them

Sometimes in life, we do not know how our act will impact someone. Regardless of who we are and what we do, insyaAllah, with His blessing, every good intention will be bringing a positive impact towards the recipient.

I thank Allah SWT when I heard that Adik Ng Yee Lin is fighting her very best undergoing the chemotherapy while Adik Hazim is preparing himself to sit for PMR next year. The best news received yesterday was, Adik Aiman's parents are no longer losing hope. They are back on their feet again.. and will try their best to get the best treatment for their little hero.

These are some of the real stories that are happening around us. I always believe, after every hurricane, there will be a rainbow somewhere. To know that they are not giving up, is a priceless gift that Allah SWT gave. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

No matter what we do in life.. students, professionals, home makers, artist, politicians, or even if you are still looking for a job ( i wish you the very best ).. in my eyes, everyone has the potential in bringing happiness to the children who are battling in their life.

To those who have contacted me offering their help..I thank you so much and welcome you with an open arm.. :)

Sometimes we feel that what we do is too small.. believe me, it may be huge to them.. insyaAllah..

All we have to do is have faith in Him. He knows the best.. insyaAllah..

May Allah bless you..


  1. keep up your good work sis

  2. keep up ur good work Davina..
    i will be joining u soon!

  3. Sue : thank u so much .. :)
    Pojie pooh : thank u so much.. sure, let me know yea.. :)