Mother's Love

"The mother is everything - she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness. He who loses his mother loses a pure soul who blesses and guards him constantly." - Kahlil Gibran

No word can describe of a mother's feeling in seeing their little ones fighting for their life. One surgery after another, protocols to follow, endless cry, doctor's appointments, tray of medicines, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.. the list goes on.

She stopped working after her son's condition started to decline. As the Hodgkin Lymphoma that her son has becoming aggressive, she needs to be by his side 24/7.

No matter how difficult the situation is, she never gives up in taking care of her children. Started with selling kuih siput to find some extra income, now she has also been active in taking orders for crochet ( p/s i will make a special note for this.. to help her expand her business ;) )

Wishing Well Programme is not just about giving them a day to remember or arranging an artist to meet them. It is purely about helping the young patients and their family to have confidence in going through during the difficult moments. It is about giving them support. Easier said.. it is all about LOVE.

That is how we came up with the idea of giving Hazim's mother a sewing machine for her to expand her source of income. She knows how to sew, but the sewing machine that she has is already faulty.

The beautiful secret of a mother-child bond is,when the mother is happy,so does the child . Vice versa.

True enough.. I personally see the glimpse of happiness in Hazim's eyes when he talked about his mother's business.

He is proud of his mother. A child's gift for the mother that he loves.

As for Puan Zaidah a.k.a ibu Hazim, she is doing what any mother would do. A Mother's Love.

My personal gratitude to all my beloved friends who have helped to raise the fund in buying the sewing machine. May Allah bless you..


One Step At A Time

I have not been writing for quite sometime.. a month I think, yea.. approximately a month.

However.. I am back now, taking one step at a time, InsyaAllah..

Programmes at RACTAR have been on going for almost 5 months, alhamdulillah.. I have great volunteers who have become great friends. They have been supporting endlessly, especially during period when I was very tight up. I love you all .. thanks a million for your support. My main focus at RACTAR now is to plan for a way to help the girls with mathematics. I welcome any ideas or support that could benefit them.

As for Wishing Well Programme .. last event that we had, was the Aquaria. Adik Hazim is still fighting courageously, subhanallah. He was admitted a month he is constantly in pain. When I was down with viral fever, he sent me sms, asking me to take a good rest. Oh dear... I felt so small reading it, touched of course.. as I know, his pain is unbearable compared to mine.

Adik Afifah is going to school as usual.. still a big fan of Nubhan. Adik Hani Liyana.. her mom just told me that, she is coping well too. Same goes with Adik Aqeela. Adik Fizani lost weight, but as handsome as ever. Adik Amer in Kubang Kerian had just underwent another operation, while Adik Shaidie is back to school..only that doctor suspected another growth.Adik Najihah did a transplant recently and for little Azim, he is eating well according to the father.

Oh yes, I met Ng Yee Lin recently.. remember her? The girl who need RM28,000 for her medication. She is as bubbly as ever.. . Syukur Alhamdulillah.

These children are some of the children that have crossed our path... in our work to bring happiness in their life..even for a while. May Allah SWT bless us all.. and give us strength to keep on bringing smiles in them, insyaAllah.

I may have been quiet lately.. forgive me for that.. however, silently, the work continues.. insyaAllah.

Oh yes... Thank you for helping in making " Love Letter " project a success. You are precious :)

My love goes to you all...

May Allah bless you


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Let Us Make You Smile

I have just finished preparing the goody bags for the "Love Letter" project. While resting in my living room, looking at the 60 paper bags filled with love letters,chips, felt pens,oranges and cute soft toys.. I suddenly realized, on the paper bag, it is written " Let us make you smile ".

Subhanallah, under His blessing, the " Love Letter " has brought so many wonderful people together. Lovely siblings that have contacted me after reading the blog and of course, the wonderful friends who have been supporting from the very beginning.

Oh yes, Media Prima has been very supportive and kind in arranging Chinese New Year cards to be signed by their celebrities. I tried to have a peep, to see who signed it... unlucky me, all have been sealed ;)

My aunty used to tell me, it is not about the value of ones gift, it is the thought that counts. A kind thought is a strength booster for these children and their family. Hopefully, in this festive season... these small gift can bring smile and happiness in them.InsyaAllah..

"Let us make you smile" is what written on the paper bags.. insyaAllah... I hope I will be seeing numbers of smiles tomorrow..from the little heroes that I love.

I humbly thank you everyone who has been helping to make this project a success.

May Allah SWT bless you always.