The Right Word

Deep in my heart.. I tried to find the right word to type on my keypad. Should I type.." Be Strong.." or should I type .." Hang in there.."

Finally, I type.." If you need to talk.. call me, text me, meet me.. take care"

All I wanted to say is, I'll be there.

That was the text exchange that I had with a mother who have lost her son in October 2009 due to cancer. Now, she has another battle in life... her husband is also fighting courageously with.. the big C.

Some may have still remember that little boy. The boy who touched so many hearts, who had brought so many wonderful people to be a part of Wishing Well Programme...May Allah SWT bless his soul.

Now, let us all come together again, in offering our prayers and love for this family, especially for the husband who is fighting courageously... the wife who is a remarkable lady... as well as to the rest of the family. InsyaAllah

In respecting the privacy of the family in this difficult moment, I apologized for not revealing the names. The only thing that I can say is... this wonderful lady need the love, support and of course prayers from all of us...

For those who have been supporting Wishing Well Programme.. I believe you know who I am referring to, insyaAllah...

May Allah SWT bless u all...

Take care