Specially Yours #6_Pretty Girl

She loves to smile. No matter how hard her days goes by… while having chemotherapy, being in isolation room or during moments her body is all aching… she will always give me the priceless gift ever… which is the SWEETEST SMILE.

She is 10 years old, an ALL patient. She loves drawing. In fact, recently, she did a get well soon card for her idol, Ms. Misha Omar. Isn’t that sweet…. As sweet as her smile..

I thanked Allah SWT for crossing my path with her and other little heroes. And of course.. Alhamdulillah that He allows it to happen. I could not find a perfect word to describe how special these children are. Just take that act of hers as an example. She has ALL ( All Acute Leukemia ). Yet, when she knew that Ms. Misha is down with flu, she did a Get Well Soon Card for Ms. Misha. Not only that, she went around, asking all her friends in the ward to sign and wish Ms. Misha well. Subhanallah...

I received Specially Yours #6 from Ibu Adam a few days ago, and sent to Adik Najiha today.Yup, her name is Najiha.

To Ibu Adam, thank you so much for the endless support, love, care and friendship that you has offered for the past 20 years. I pray that our friendship will last forever.. May Allah bless you and your family always...

Note: Ibu Adam is not only my close friend, but she is also the one who did the setting of the blog for Wishing Well Programme. I am really bad in that. Lucky me.. I have her :) All I do is compose and click “ Post” . The rest… is all her work!

May Allah bless you.. wherever you are…

Specially Yours #5_ The Bowler

"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go
hand in hand." - Emily Kimbrough

Subhanallah... a few days ago I received 2 t shirts from a great sportswomen , Ms. Shalin Zulkifli, who despite of her tight and busy schedule, spare her time in giving support to Azmer. Azmer is a 16 years old boy, who is currently undergoing bone cancer treatment at a hospital in Kelantan. Azmer loves bowling. He used to play bowling before being diagnosed of having bone cancer. Oh yes.. he is the boy who I post before... who lost his father due to cancer too.

Ms. Shalin does not know me personally.. kudos to Mr. Lukman Jasril who immediately text Ms. Shalin, once he heard of my intention.

Allah listen to every words that we said.. either silently in our heart.. or when we voice out loud..Subhanallah..

To Ms. Shalin Zulkifli, thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. I pray for your success in everything that you do. You have made Malaysia proud with great achievements.. and honestly, no words can describe the joy in his voice when I told him what you have done. May Allah bless you ..Always....

Note: Mr. Lukman Jasril Hamzah is the person who gave the name WISHING WELL. He actually proposed "Wishing Well Foundation"... I changed it to "Programme". Reason.... "Foundation" is tooooooooooo huge for me

Thank you Jaa.. for being such a great friend, and for supporting from the very beginning :) May Allah bless you..

To all of you out there... may Allah bless you....... take care

Specially Yours #4_Chirpy Young Girl

I knew about her through friends. A chirpy young girl.. she was interviewed by Mr. Hj Aznil Hj Nawawi recently. " Dia ni ceria la..." Even though the memory is a bit blury in my mind... I believe that was what he said.

Specially Yours # 4 reached me last week. Insya Allah.. she will be getting it in a few days.

Project "Specially Yours" is not a donation drive. I am only helping the loving people out there ( most of them have become my friends ) to spread their love and care for the children in need...

Thank you K.Nor.. May Allah bless you

Specially Yours #3_Shy Boy

"Kalau kat telefon,boleh cakap banyak.. kalau tengok muka malu.." That was what he said to me. He is shy every time he sees me in person.. but over the phone, he will tell me a lot of stories.

He is a 13 years old boy, who is fighting bravely like every little heroes in the ward that I know. His mom also carries a character that I admire. She is always smiling and joking with me. Deeply in her heart and in her mind, I believe there will be 1001 things lingering around, but she never fails to give me a priceless smile... may Allah bless her..

He is the recipient for Specially Yours #3. It touched my heart every time my friends called me and asked..." Do you think gift like this will make the children smile...? " or.. any questions that are similar to that.

To know that the world is still full of love is a blessing. Syukur alhamdulilah....

Dear Is, I am handing this to the nurses at the ward .. they will pass it to him during his weekly visit

May Allah bless you all...wherever you are... :)

Kuih Siput...Anyone?

Regardless how rocky the road is... how strong the wind blows... how loud the thunder roar... she never give up.

Her courage is something I admire. She is not a who's who .. who appears on the front page of a newspaper.

She is a mother. Trying her best to provide a good life for her children.

As the son is in constant pain nowadays, she has to stop working. Waiting for a welfare contribution alone is not her way. She build up her confidence, with a strong spirit.. she started selling things she knows best.

She is selling kuih siput ( a traditional malay crisps made of flour, margarine and spices ). By doing this, she can have her eyes on her son.. as well as making the ends meet.

Well.... kuih siput ..anyone ?

Note :

From the bottom of my heart, the description above ( the first 3 lines ) is not only a tribute to her.. it is a tribute to my mother.. my relatives... my friends.. and to all of you, who are mothers/aunties/guardians.

.. Ladies, you are not only BEAUTIFUL, you are AMAZING !!

Subhanallah...May Allah bless you..

It Can Wait

With an extra of RM50 in my purse, my mind will be wandering, thinking of a trip to Kinokuniya and a stop over at Dome for coffee.

For this mother, RM50 will be able to cover the round trip taxi fare from her house to the hospital.

However, she could not afford spending RM50 on taxi. That could cover a week of groceries. Hmm.. with everything becoming costly now, I doubt it.

The normal route will be... first, taking a bus from their house to the nearest lrt station. Next, taking lrt (Putra). Then change over at Masjid Jamek for STAR line. Lastly, hop into a cab, heading to hospital.

They are not going to hospital for a simple check up. The son is undergoing radiotherapy.

I am skipping buying a book this month and a drink at Dome. It can wait.

I am hoping and praying there will be a way for the patient and the mother...
InsyaAllah... All praise to Him

Note : The son will be going for 15 times of radiotherapy = 15 days.