Specially Yours #3_Shy Boy

"Kalau kat telefon,boleh cakap banyak.. kalau tengok muka malu.." That was what he said to me. He is shy every time he sees me in person.. but over the phone, he will tell me a lot of stories.

He is a 13 years old boy, who is fighting bravely like every little heroes in the ward that I know. His mom also carries a character that I admire. She is always smiling and joking with me. Deeply in her heart and in her mind, I believe there will be 1001 things lingering around, but she never fails to give me a priceless smile... may Allah bless her..

He is the recipient for Specially Yours #3. It touched my heart every time my friends called me and asked..." Do you think gift like this will make the children smile...? " or.. any questions that are similar to that.

To know that the world is still full of love is a blessing. Syukur alhamdulilah....

Dear Is, I am handing this to the nurses at the ward .. they will pass it to him during his weekly visit

May Allah bless you all...wherever you are... :)