It Can Wait

With an extra of RM50 in my purse, my mind will be wandering, thinking of a trip to Kinokuniya and a stop over at Dome for coffee.

For this mother, RM50 will be able to cover the round trip taxi fare from her house to the hospital.

However, she could not afford spending RM50 on taxi. That could cover a week of groceries. Hmm.. with everything becoming costly now, I doubt it.

The normal route will be... first, taking a bus from their house to the nearest lrt station. Next, taking lrt (Putra). Then change over at Masjid Jamek for STAR line. Lastly, hop into a cab, heading to hospital.

They are not going to hospital for a simple check up. The son is undergoing radiotherapy.

I am skipping buying a book this month and a drink at Dome. It can wait.

I am hoping and praying there will be a way for the patient and the mother...
InsyaAllah... All praise to Him

Note : The son will be going for 15 times of radiotherapy = 15 days.