Kuih Siput...Anyone?

Regardless how rocky the road is... how strong the wind blows... how loud the thunder roar... she never give up.

Her courage is something I admire. She is not a who's who .. who appears on the front page of a newspaper.

She is a mother. Trying her best to provide a good life for her children.

As the son is in constant pain nowadays, she has to stop working. Waiting for a welfare contribution alone is not her way. She build up her confidence, with a strong spirit.. she started selling things she knows best.

She is selling kuih siput ( a traditional malay crisps made of flour, margarine and spices ). By doing this, she can have her eyes on her son.. as well as making the ends meet.

Well.... kuih siput ..anyone ?

Note :

From the bottom of my heart, the description above ( the first 3 lines ) is not only a tribute to her.. it is a tribute to my mother.. my relatives... my friends.. and to all of you, who are mothers/aunties/guardians.

.. Ladies, you are not only BEAUTIFUL, you are AMAZING !!

Subhanallah...May Allah bless you..