Broken Heart

The son is battling a last stage cancer...

The daughter, the hope of the family... will be sitting for the final exam next week.. ( her birthday is next week too )

The two little ones... too young to understand what is going on..

Little kiddo asked , " kenapa ibu menangis ? ".. on her behalf I answered, " ibu sakit gigi ".

I lied.

The father chose to leave his family.

Easy way out.

I am very sorry to be a bit emotional about this.. but I am just a human. However, this anger will have to end now. I have no right to interfere in anyone's personal matter. Astaghfirullahalazim..

Children have the right to be happy. I hold strongly to that. The last thing the son need is a broken heart before his next radiotherapy. Therefore, spontaneously, I asked them, " Cuti sekolah nak pegi jalan-jalan kat Aquaria tak ? " They said yes :) It will be on Sunday (22/11), a day before the museum trip, insyaAllah..

InsyaAllah..I hope some how, some way.. Allah will help me to get the funding (never before I do 2 major programmes continuously for 2 days )

I pray and hope that there will be a rainbow for this family.. insyaAllah... May Allah bless them....

Note: The mother is selling "kerepek", as she can not work due to her son illness