Project " Sincerely Yours "

I have been contacted by numbers of friends and strangers (new friends now :) ) who wanted to be a part of Wishing Well Programme. As I am not an NGO ( Wishing Well Programme is a thing that I personally wanted to do and being supported strongly by AMAZING people around me, all praise to the Almighty ), it is quite difficult for me to gather everyone at one time.

However, I welcome all extended hands with an open arm. That is how this project " Sincerely Yours " came about.

"Sincerely Yours" is a project showing support to the patient, parents and siblings through the difficult moments. Individuals can send cards/ mail / small gift to the patients as well as to the parents and siblings ( siblings need support too! )

I truly understand when some of my friends told me that even though they wanted to visit and meet the children at the ward, they are just so worried that they might break down. Therefore, I think "Sincerely Yours" will be a good "platform" to be with the children and their family... something like, " jauh di mata, dekat di hati :) "

Those who are interested to be a part of this project, you are most welcome.. just let me know yea :)

There will be a guideline of DOs and DONT's .. I will post on that real soon :)

As Wishing Well Programme is a programme about bringing happiness, smile and laughter in the children who are battling with illness in their life... I believe, insyaAllah, with His permission..project "Yours Sincerely " will be able to deliver that result.... tak banyak pun sikit, insyaAllah..

p/s honestly... i think a personally hand written is cool.. oh yes.. a CHEERY and CERIA card is the BEST ! :)

May Allah bless you all....


  1. aku tidak sekuat kamu untuk melawat mereka dr katil ke katil..

    yup! hati aku mudah cair...

    kalau ada2 apa program yg boleh aku turut serta secara jarak jauh begini. jangan lupa war2kan okey!


  2. sl tEDI : kalau u interested to join, pls e mail me.. or give me ur email :)terima ksaih byk2

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  4. hi dear,

    saya jugak tidak begitu kuat untuk menghadapinyer.. i'm soo interested.. pls email me the details k.. thx!

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  6. salam, i'm interested with the project. can u tell me how can i help out? i'm running a small felt-based handmades blog. you can check me out and please tell me how can my stuff help you with the project. thanks. i would like to contribute something.

    my blog:
    my email: puantanah[@]

  7. Anne : i will e mail u.. this project will be on going basis.. :)
    Ojah : I will contact u :)
    puantanah : thanks.. i will contact u..

  8. Salam,

    Kak Ja amat berminat dengan projek ini..dah lama nak melibatkan diri tapi tak tau macam mana..dan di mana nak mula..tapi akak di utara sekarang .. macam mana nak bersama2

    my email add: