What Soothes Him

Syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT blessed me with wonderful friends. Friends who believed in me.. and one of the most precious thing is friends who endlessly supporting me in things I do.

Coy sent me a box of origami papers & origami books for me to learn. All this while, during my 4 years stay in Japan, I never ever took the chance to learn origami ( teruk betul :p ).. the love for the children changed me... and thanks to Coy who gave me the idea, I finally knew how to fold a fish and a crane :)

That was what soothes Adik Qayyum yesterday. He was having pain during the blood transfusion. Semua jadi tak kena. When I asked the nurse & his grandma ( parents have to be away on urgent matters ) what is wrong.. they told me that the blood transfusion is very painful.

Origami came to the rescue. Trying my best to distract him, he started requesting for one after another fish & crane ( walaupun tak berapa lawa, boleh la..;) )

When Mr. Hj. Aznil asked me.. how can a non-medical related people help the little heroes.. I said , there are many ways. Emm.. perhaps folding origami papers?

Adik Qayyum fell asleep during the transfusion.. his grandma were right next to him, stroking his little hands.

In his hands.. holding the red paper fish tightly...

May Allah bless you my dear friend, Coy.. and may Allah bless all of you too...


  1. origami dapat mengubat sedikit kesakitannya.. Alhamdulillah...diest

  2. sl tEDI:syukur alhamdulillah

  3. I teared up when I came to the part where he fell asleep holding the origami. God bless you and your work.