Pergi Sekolah Tak ..?

She has been considered as under palliative care. Having been diagnosed of having leukemia at a very young age, she has been in and out of hospital for countless times. The chemotherapy failed on her.. now.. she is in the stage called " bertahan ". Oh yes, she is 13 years old now.

To get through to her is not that difficult, as she is bubbly. She has been sending me messages constantly. However, tonight, she did not reply to my sms.

It is because I asked her.." Pergi sekolah tak..?"

Most of the childhood cancer patients that I know are brilliant, clever and honest. Easier said.. good girls and good boys. I know she could not lie to me.. therefore, she chose to be silent.

A few weeks ago, her parents have asked for my help to constantly follow up on her schooling. It is because... after being away from school for so long, she has problem in making friends.

This is one of the issue that Wishing Well Programme is looking closely into. In helping the childhood cancer patients to regain back their confidence and be strong to face the world outside hospital. Honestly, I know it is difficult. However, it is not impossible.

I had a long talk with her... about school.. about friends... about life with cancer. InsyaAllah.. I strongly believe.. she can do it..

" Sincerely Yours "is a project that can help in this issue . I know there are many loving people out there who can help to boost the spirits of the little heroes. A note of encouraging words can definitely ignite the confidence in them.. insyaAllah...

p/s Thank you to all who have contacted me to be in the project.. Oh yes, this is an on going thing.. therefore.. there is no deadline for the cards/small gift. You can send it to me anytime :)

May Allah bless you ..