Tears Of A Child

I personally did not expect him to cry. Especially because that was our first conversation. He is 16, currently seeking treatment in Kelantan.

Having lost his father due to throat cancer last year, Adik Sharifuddin has now started his own journey in battling bone cancer that was just diagnosed recently. His sms was something like this.." Dah masuk dah chemo pod.4 hari lagi baru masuk ubat.. "

Maybe, he has kept the emotions to himself for so long. Therefore... the tears of a child fell the day I called him.

He no longer has both parents with him right now.Mother could not be located, and father has passed away. But I strongly believe, after this post, there will be a lot of people, young and old, offering a sprinkle of love for Adik Sharifuddin . In other hands.... insyaAllah, there will be new "extended family" members.

Currently, almost everyday I will be getting a new case. My resources are very limited but I believe, Allah works in mysterious ways.. InsyaAllah. He will be there for us, as long as we have faith in Him. For Adik Sharifuddin, it is very hard for me to visit him physically, as he is in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. However, I believe.. distance is not an issue.

InsyaAllah... with His blessing.. something will workout... soon..