Project " Sincerely Yours " - DOs and DON'Ts

This is a really simple project that have crossed my mind in order to get more people spreading the love and care, as well as giving the support to the patients and family in their difficult moments. All you have to do is to send a card to the patients, as well as to the parents and siblings ( through me ). Siblings need support too, as there will times they will have to be on their own while parents accompanying the patients at the hospital.

I truly believe, it makes a difference when you know people care about you. I have seen that. Subhanallah..

Therefore, I will personally contact each one of you that have agreed to be a part of this. As this will be an on going project, some will be contacted earlier, some will be later. Walau macam mana sekalipun... insyaAllah, you all will have the chance to send your love :)

Oh ya, there will be circumstances that I could not reveal the names of patients that you are sending the cards to.. but i will describe briefly how he /she is.Hope you understand that.. as to respect the parents/ family wishes. Once done, you can send it to me ( I will let you know my address in personal message )

Here goes the DOs & DON'Ts

1. Send cheery & ceria cards.. cards that will make them smile. For the patients, can use " Wishing You Well" , " Take Care " , "My Prayers With You "
2. Can send small items i.e. stickers, stationery, magazine..( but as you have to send to me, mahal pulak hantar yg ringan je lah )
3. Can actually tell who you are.. kerja apa or so love stories
4. Cards for the siblings can be like " Good Luck For Your Exam"," Best Wishes "
5. Cards for parents, can be like " We Are Here For You", " Take Care "

The most important thing is.. we are here trying to make them happy & smile. Please do not seal, as I will go through all cards..

1. Please refrain from saying " Get Well Soon" or " Get Better " ..or anything similar.. as there are cases that might not have cure and sadly may not get better.
2. I have experienced hearing someone asked the parents.. " Puan redha? " Please avoid that kind of questions..
3. Do not send any food or candy, as some have allergies and are diabetics
4. Do not add glitters or confetti, as the children might be opening the cards at the ward / on the hospital beds
5. Do not send USED stuff animal. Some have very low immune system.. best to buy new :)

There you go, list of the DOs and DON'Ts. However, please feel free to message me or e mail me if there are doubts. No worries... I am here to share my experiences :)

Thank you so much. Will be looking forward to your cards.. :)


  1. emel aku :

  2. Davina!!
    I wanna join!!
    U know my ym aite??

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  4. wow! intereting project.. can i join u?

  5. Dear all..

    I will definitely contact u :) I have kick off this project today, 2 individuals dah diberitahu :) insyaAlah, nanti your turn ye..p/s I buat ni on my own, so bear with me on time frame ye...will send the e mail to all of u... THANKS!!

  6. Davina, thanks for letting me know about Adik Aiman's passing. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah.

    On another note, I am into card making though I have not done any cards in the last 6 months due to heavy work load, and my currect interest in sewing and quilting.

    However, I might be able to find some time more towards the end of the year to do some crafting. I will contact you again when I have made a card or two.

    I will need to get more details from you.

    Take care.

  7. assalamualaikum
    nk join prgm ni blh x?