Wonder People

" Apa yang penting... kerjasama... Apa yang penting... kerjasama... "

That was the program that I watched on my birthday recently, " Wonder Pets " . Guess who actually made me watch it....... mom & dad :) ..love them so much !

While watching that story, I smiled. Because... that is how Wishing Well Programme works. "Kerjasama" :)

I received a lot of birthday wishes that comes together with inspirational/motivational

words that I definitely will keep in my heart. Thank you, thank you and thank you...

However, I would like to share those words & wishes with all of you who have been with me all the way.. When the childhood cancer patients smile... believe me, you are a part of it...

Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik anda semua...InsyaAllah..

Thank you Allah.. for the blessing that You gave.. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

I do not have Wonder Pets coming rescue me... but I definitely have Wonder People by my side..

Thank you all... May Allah bless you .. ALWAYS...