Specially Yours #2 _Cutie Pie

She is a cute, smart cheeky little girl. Loves to sing, she is the entertainer at the ward.Honestly speaking.. she is ADORABLE!! Little Hani Liyana is an ALL ( Acute Lymphoblastik Leukimia ) patient, 4 years old. She was jumping up and down when she saw me at the ward the other day. Betul.. tak tipu :) Seorang kanak-kanak yang sangat manja & ceria.

I would not know what kind of treatments can help her, what medicine can cure her... but I know prayers are something that you & I can give. Not forgetting, I can try by widening the wings of the project that I have started a few weeks go.

Specially Yours #2 reached Adik Yana on Monday. Last week was her 4th birthday.

Her mom sent me the pictures in this post.

Her smile says it all.....

Happy Birthday Yana. We love you :)

Note 1 :Zack dearie, some of the items that you passed to me are in that parcel I sent to Adik Yana. May Allah bless you :)

Thank you everyone.. may Allah bless you..


  1. thank you Vina!! update on yana.. she supposed to do her 7th cycle of chemo on 9 OCT but until now havent start yet... her ANC is too low... now next date is on 2 NOV...praying so hard that yana will make it on that day.

  2. Azleen : Dear Mama Yana, she is always in my prayers ..:) thank you for keeping me updated. U pun take care ye !