Let Us Make You Smile

I have just finished preparing the goody bags for the "Love Letter" project. While resting in my living room, looking at the 60 paper bags filled with love letters,chips, felt pens,oranges and cute soft toys.. I suddenly realized, on the paper bag, it is written " Let us make you smile ".

Subhanallah, under His blessing, the " Love Letter " has brought so many wonderful people together. Lovely siblings that have contacted me after reading the blog and of course, the wonderful friends who have been supporting from the very beginning.

Oh yes, Media Prima has been very supportive and kind in arranging Chinese New Year cards to be signed by their celebrities. I tried to have a peep, to see who signed it... unlucky me, all have been sealed ;)

My aunty used to tell me, it is not about the value of ones gift, it is the thought that counts. A kind thought is a strength booster for these children and their family. Hopefully, in this festive season... these small gift can bring smile and happiness in them.InsyaAllah..

"Let us make you smile" is what written on the paper bags.. insyaAllah... I hope I will be seeing numbers of smiles tomorrow..from the little heroes that I love.

I humbly thank you everyone who has been helping to make this project a success.

May Allah SWT bless you always.