A Trip Long Waited

I have a concrete reason why Adik Hazim has been the center of attention in my work with the childhood cancer patients.

When I first met him somewhere around February last year, I was told that there was no more hope for him.

I personally dislike that kind of statement. To me, who are we to determine whether there is hope or not. However, I am thankful that such statement was told to me. Due to that statement, there is no turning back in my work with the childhood cancer patients.

Last Saturday, syukur Alhamdulillah, Hazim and his family finally made it to Aquaria. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thanked Maslina, Aslina and Afiq for spending their weekend in helping me making this small project a reality for this special child. Not forgotten, Dolly, Coy and Pat who have been behind this project, you all are my Care Bears .May Allah bless you all .. always.

The 3 and a half hours spent at Aquaria was a moment of happiness. A moment of joy. And definitely, a moment full of love.

Wearing his Chelsea's t-shirt and cap, Hazim looked excited even though physically, he has lost so much weight. His cancer has spread to spleen, liver and bone... but, definitely, it did not spread to his spirit.

Hope is something we have in our heart, in everything that we do. My hope is, to see more and more of loving people out there spreading their love to these children. Easier said, do not lost hope in them.

From Allah we come, to Allah we will go back. Till that day comes, let's make the best of every second that He has granted to us all... insha Allah....

Thank you so much for all the prayers, support and love..

lots of love,


  1. heartwarming to read this :)

    well done to you Davina and all who made this possible.