The Extended Family

There were moments in life we feel things did not worked out as we planned. Rocky road in the career path.. dealing with heartaches that have always been a constant companion and... when it comes to financial .. looks like there is no end in getting all bills paid up.

Just laying out some that I personally went through in this journey of life. Headache, I would say so.

However, every time I meet and talked to the children, Alhamdulillah...Allah opened up my eyes and made me realised that...hey, my issues are actually....NOTHING compares to them.

Adik Amer is one of the boy that came into my life recently. He is an orphan, currently seeking treatment at HUSM Kubang Kerian. Adik Amer is 16 years old and last year, his father lost the battle to cancer.

Ever since he shed tears on the first phone call I had with him, my mind have been thinking of ways to help him. Alhamdulillah..finally... I came out with.." The Extended Family"

"The Extended Family" is a project to give support and care to Adik Amer who has been battling the bone cancer. For the note,the cancer has spread to his lung and he will undergo a chemotherapy for it soon. InsyaAllah... I believe, support can go in many ways... financial, care and love name a few..

For a start, I am planning to ask for my friend's help to buy him some food that he wanted to eat. From the sms I received this morning... he said he wanted to eat roti canai with I wish I could get that for him..

p.s. Yati has been constantly visiting him every time she goes back to Kelantan. If there is any of the friends here, whose home town is Kelantan, who can visit Amer on my behalf.. I really appreciate it. Kindly contact me ...

May Allah bless you...



  1. dear davina,

    i am klantanese.raya cina ni myb i nk balik kg. wish to visit diz young boy,if i cud. pls ctc me.