It's All In The Heart

I heard his voice when I was talking to his mother over the phone. Crying, in pain. He is only 6 years old, but doctors have asked his parents to bring him back home. So that when the time comes for him to return to his Creator, he will have those that he loves with him.

Is it wrong to arrange for a celebrity that he admires so much to be with him at this final stage? I strongly believe not. If this celebrity can make him smile and say the last prayer calmly, what is wrong with that.

To me, it is all in the heart. One should not judge a person based on their style, their work or easier said, do not judge book by its cover. Their heart is what matter most. That is my belief.I hold strongly to that.

Khayrul Aiman is at the end stage now. His father is also currently battling cancer. The least I can do is, to help the family to see Adik Aiman laughs and smiles for the last time. If Mr. Aznil Hj Nawawi is the one who can do that, we will try to reach Mr.Aznil.

Note: Subhanallah... I am surrounded by so many loving people that have helped me to reach Mr.Aznil's agent. Hopefully, they get to meet each other. InsyaAllah..

May Allah bless you all..

hugs, Davie