Love, Tender & Care

A friend called me yesterday. Haven't heard from him for quite sometime, glad to hear that his family is doing fine, Alhamdulillah. He asked me .. " how did u do it..asking people for donation.." His question brought a smile to me..

My answer was simple. I told him.." It's all in the act of Allah SWT. I did not ask for money, but there are really loving people out there, who actually asked for my account number and address ( to send donation items) ". Allah moved their heart. MasyaAllah

Honestly, there are many loving and caring people out there, still. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Yesterday,another added to my list. It is Gapurna Group. Allah moved their heart to contact me.. Subhanallah. What else could I say , except... as usual, drops of tears. I confessed before, I hardly cry when I am with the children. But I do shed tears of joy. I did yesterday.

Love, tender and care still exist, no matter how tough and rough the world is nowadays. I believe in that. Strongly.