A Trip To Museum

There is a phrase in my blog that goes something like this.. " Little thing to us.. maybe a huge thing to them". It is true.. as all of us see things differently. So are the children. What they wish for is something that really surprised me.... and honestly,.. their wishes are so pure.

When I asked her, what she really wanted to do if she is discharged from the hospital.... quietly, she said.." Nak pergi Muzium Negara "

Sweet right... a teenager who wants nothing more than to go to the National Museum. She is 14 years old, a very cute and extremely brave girl who have been fighting against leukemia since the age of 5 years old.

Childhood memories is something that we all have. I had good, bad, silly,happy even embarrassing childhood memories. I believe same goes to all of you :) . For childhood cancer patients, their time are most spent in the ward or at home. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, skipping school, missing their families, friends..are memories that most of them have since small. I truly believe, being happy does help in the process of getting better. Children are still children. Therefore, they deserve to have their own childhood memories. A piece of happy childhood memories.

For this girl, she wanted to go to museum.Her mom told me, she really wanted to take a ride in the double decker express bus. However, due to the health reason, long journey is impossible for her. Aha!! There is Hop On Hop Off Bus.. :)

We will go to the museum girl, insyaAllah.. with those who love you. Oh yes, we are taking the Hop On Hop Off too :)

p/s i received this sms from her mom " Dia menjerit tgk kad raya Anuar Zain .." talking about childhood memories.. NKOTB made me scream once, haha

May Allah bless you..