With Love From All Of Us

Syukur Alhamdulillah, the Syawal Note care packages were handed to the patients today. The recipients are the patients of UMMC and UKM Medical Centre. For those who are not warded, we have handed it to the nurses to keep it first, and pass it to the children when they go to the ward.

A lot of parents asked.. " are you doctor? " " are you from media? " " who gave this " ?... My reply was.. It is from people who loves the children :)

Believe me.. there were smiles everywhere. Cards & care pack were handed to the children personally by me and no words can express how I felt. This Syawal Note project combined the love of people from various background. Love for the children put us together. A priceless gift that Allah gave to all of us.Alhamdulillah..

Thank you Allah for allowing it to be a success.. and Thank you to all of YOU who have been a part of it..

p/s by the way, tears of joy were there , again...:p

May Allah bless you all