We Are Here For You

She is in Isolation Room 1. When I arrived, she was watching TV while her elder sister was drawing. That is how life is for the family of a childhood cancer patient. They will be spending most of their time in the hospital, which I could say their second home.

Yesterday, I have handed over a total of RM2,040.00 to the family ( money collected from various people out there ), for the medication that little Ng Yee Lin needs. This money will be used to cover treatment for 14th and 15th September 2009.

Little Ng Yee Lin is no longer a shy, timid girl. She is chirpy now.. and screamed happily when I gave her a few of Naruto items ( was given by a few of generous people out there ) She was proudly showing off the cards, stickers and jigsaw puzzle to her parents and sister.

Seeing the family laugh together was a gift from Allah that I treasure most. I wish I could share those moments with you all, especially with those who have been together with me in my projects.

Regardless race, religion, gender and background, these children are the focus of my programmes.

To me they are a gift from Allah SWT.

May Allah bless you all..