Cinderella Day Out

As we are in our 13th day of Ramadhan, I have just kicked off the Cinderella Day Out. It is a simple Programme.. to bring the 4 children of a breast cancer ( stage 4 ) patient to buy new clothes for the Eid.

For little kids, to get a new pair of clothes for the Eid is like a princess going to a ball ( hey.. adults too right ?;) ) Anyway.. the plan is to get a new pair of baju kurung each. I remain with my principle that, no matter how difficult things are, children have the right to be happy, to enjoy their childhood and we, the adults can help to improve things, of course..with Allah's permission definitely.

The mother continues with her treatment at HKL. Her story is one of the many story that we might have seen on Oprah shows.. of a mother trying her best to raise her daughters. She wanted to work, but her cancer becomes aggressive everyday.

All praise to the Almighty, I received a total of RM650 to but baju kurung & new shoes for the 4 little girls.

Shopping Day : InsyaAllah, 13th September 2009. ( depending on the mother's health )

may Allah bless you..


  1. davi,
    i have dropped u an e-mail..

    -noreh jones bangala tambak johor

  2. bestnye u bole bwk diorg g shopping...i envy u...=)

  3. sorry tak boleh ikut...

  4. norah jones : i have replied your email :)
    little hands : u are welcome to join :)
    nor : it's ok nor, the support u have been giving .. that means A LOT!! :)