Dengarlah Sayang

" Dengarlah Sayang " is a project/programme that popped in my head while running on the thread mill. Funny but true, most of the ideas came either while at the gym or at the tennis court ;) However, I had to put it on hold because... this crossed my mind when the H1N1 became a pandemic.

However.. what's wrong in planning and hoping that this would be a reality, right? Here goes what "Dengarlah Sayang" is all about..

"Dengarlah Sayang" is a programme of story telling sessions for the children at the oncology ward. This story telling session will be a fun and enjoyable moment. Nothing wrong in giving the children a moment of fantasy.

Let's pray and hope that one day, the invitation card will be send out to the story tellers...

For those who would like to be the story tellers, you are gorgeous :) Drop me a note yea..


  1. I can't tell stories to kids but I can help choose the books :D

  2. sure Nor.. that will be GREAT!!