Hope & Chance

All through our life, we have hopes. We hope to be better in life, we hope to have success and well.. we hope that we will meet the right person to share our life with. When we start hoping.. we look for chances to turn that hope into a reality, insyaAllah..

When I posted the notes on Adik Ng Yee Lin, I was hoping for the best. I was hoping that Adik Yee Lin will be given a chance ... a chance to get well.

I was NOT doing any donation drive. However, friends started to ask for my account number. Thank you for trusting and believing in me. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by it and a bit worry of holding people's money.

Therefore, today (16th September 2009) I went to the ward to hand over the money to the parents. The first round was RM2,040.00 handed on 12th September 2009. With that amount, the parents managed to buy 2 bottles of the medication. Today, I handed the balance of RM6,760.00 that was used to buy 6 bottles ( the father immediately went to the pharmacy to buy it )

Attaching the photos ( err..actually.. i don't like taking photos of myself ) taken at the ward, as evidence to all donors that the money has been safely handed to Adik Ng Yee Lin's parents.

I had a great childhood, alhamdulillah... I hope the same goes to the children as well....insyaAllah...

May Allah bless you..