What Matters Most

A little bit update of Syawal Note & Cinderella Day Out.

All praise to the Almighty, things are on track. The delivery date for the Syawal Note will be on 12th September 2009 and Cinderella Day Out will be on 13th September, InsyaAllah.

Everyday, Wishing Well Programme is being blessed with wonderful surprises. Various people of different background comes forward, extending a helping hand in making each programme a reality, Subhanallah.

To me, every individual is unique in their own way. Regardless who you are, believe me.. when the little heroes smile... YOU ARE A PART OF IT, INSYAALLAH.

Personally... regardless of what you do for a living.. clerks, students, engineers, architects, home makers, singers, artist, professionals, sportsmen, politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, bankers, or any career that are in this world ( sorry.. to type all, it will be endless )... that does not matter to me.What matter most is your HEART. Thank you Allah, for crossing my path with all these wonderful people.. Thank you to YOU, for believing in what I do..

Oh yes, to the children.. YOU ARE A PRECIOUS GIFT :)

May Allah bless you, always..