Wishing Well Programme #1 - The Match Day

Syukur Alhamdulillah, all praise to the Almighty, with His blessing and the prayers of so many wonderful people out there, Adik Hazim had the night of his life. Again, I thank you to all of you for all the support given. Syukur Alhamdulillah

The FAS was so thoughtful and kind to let us in the stadium earlier and taking photos everywhere. Many many thanks to Coach Devan, Coach Odi & everyone in FAS. May Allah bless you all. It is very difficult to explain my feelings, but seeing Adik Hazim enjoying himself was a GREAT gift from Allah. Adik Hazim was accompanied by Adik Rohaizad & Adik Islah who are also cancer patients, or as I always refer to them as the real heroes.

Maybe one day, I will post a note of what exactly happened on that day. Meanwhile, my brain have started to plan more events/program to cheer up these kids. As I explained to the parents, this will not be my first and last project, and this is not just an event to fulfill a last wish. I would take it as an event to bring the smile, laughter & happiness to the kids, that sounds more like it :) I believe Allah know what is the best for all of us. I leave the fate to Allah, but we will continue doing what we are doing right now.There are many unfortunate kids out there who may not be able to do what we, adults are doing right now. Maybe .. they will never get to know what university life is, working environment and in fact will never know what falling in love is.

Believe me, we are VERY lucky for given the chance to live by Allah.

Adik Hazim thanked everyone who have prayed for him. He said " Terima kasih aunty & uncle, Hazim seronok"

Thank you Allah for allowing it to happen.. and thank you everyone, for the prayers & support

( Posted in FB on 25th MAy 2009 )