Something that started very small.. Subhanallah..

This post is a note that I have created in the FB.. Wishing Well Programme #1

The beginning of the story goes something like this.......

Adik Hazim is one of many patients at Ward 4D ( Oncology Ward , PPUKM ). Adik Hazim is a 15 year old boy, who loves football very much. Currently, Adik Hazim, who is at Stage 4 of Hodgkin Lymphoma, has been discharged from the hospital.
Project Hazim is a small arrangement that being made, in a short period of time and with the help of so many wonderful people out there. May Allah repay your kindness. I hope and pray this will bring a smile to Adik Hazim,and for a moment, made him forget the pain that he has to go through everyday. The cancer has been spreading very fast recently, meaning the chemotherapy and radiotherapy did not work. Furthermore, the family has been informed that medically, nothing can be done anymore.
What touched me most is the sms he sent me one day.It goes something like this.. "Aunty,bila kita nak belajar? " This sms was before the cancer spread.Adik Hazim has been missing school for almost 2 years. However, he still looking forward to sit for PMR. We used to have study session, but now, as he becomes tired easily, I put on hold those tuition session. I pray and hope that all will turn out fine tomorrow. May Allah give him the strength and let him be fit to meet the players that he admires and watch the match LIVE with his mom. I was only informed yesterday that the swollen lymph nodes in his brain may trigger fits anytime. Adik Hazim was informed of this project yesterday by myself, and he keep on sms me till late at night asking about it :) He must be looking forward for tomorrow, and who knows,maybe keep on looking at the clock.
I made him promised me that should he feels sick he MUST let us know. Honestly, I am worried about the fits, but the Selangor coaches and the team are looking forward to meet him. Coach Odi said they pray things will be OK, and that gave me a relieve.

Adik Hazim and all adik-adik are the real fighters.. seeing them laugh & smile are the most precious thing that money can not buy. ( posted in FB on May 22nd,2009)