It's the thought that counts

I remembered my aunty used to say, " It is not how expensive the thing is, it is the thought that counts "

This post was posted in FB too, dated 7th June 2009.

A very small and simple event that makes this children smile :)

Alhamdulillah, today we celebrated birthday for the June Kids. Adik Fizani, Adik Najihah and newly admitted Adik Izham are the birthday boys and girl. With the support given by the parents, now we have a simple but meaningful database,which is very useful for me to plan events for the little heroes.

Adik Fizani, very cute little boy, is going back home today for a little break, but will come again for another cycle of chemotherapy. He waited anxiously for me at the nurse station, and was grinning when he saw me. Smartly dressed ( tucked in !! :) ) kept on sneaking inside my bag for his birthday present. Adik Najihah is in her chemotherapy cycle, waited patiently for me till she fall asleep. Went to her bed to wake her up.As I was making my rounds and greet other adik-adik , this cheeky little girl were sneaking in my "Santa Bag" too... ish ish ish.. and said.. "can I have the UNO as a birthday gift?" Their innocent gesture made me smile.. and the concern they showed when I was lighting the candle showed that they are matured than their real age.. Subhanallah, Allah chose them to go through this journey..they are the special ones...

There are new faces every time I go to the ward. As for Adik Izham, he was confirmed having Acute Lymphobastic Leukemia on his 5th birthday, which was last Friday. His parents are still in shock and I can see his mom is fighting not to shed tears in front of me.The best I can do is .. be a listener..

There is this girl that I hope to see her smile. She is going through a high dose chemotherapy, insyaAllah, this will be her last cycle. Hopefully, she will be strong next month.. as she will be the recipient for the next project, insyaAllah.. please pray that things will turn out fine.

Oh yes, I am in the middle of drafting programmes for STFOGA to do the weekday ward visit. When I was informed that my STF sisters are interested to be involved, subhanallah... Allah answered my prayers to have more volunteers.. only Allah can repay your kindness..

Being with the kids, reminded me of relatives, teachers, friends who have left and who are fighting courageously right now.....

May Allah bless them all.. InsyaAllah.