Choosing the right word

I am very thankful that Allah always help me in any programme that I have planned for the children. When we were planning for the camping to fulfill Adik Hazim's wish, I was very confident in saying "jangan risau lah.. nanti adalah duit tu " Tell the truth, I have not collected any single cent from anyone until I received a sms few days ago from someone who has been very generous to sponsor the trip. Subhanallah..

I've been with Adik Hazim and his family for 8 months now. From time to time,I will ask the nurses at the hospital if there are any other kids who need my attention ( meaning.. they are in serious condition ) The nurses asked me to concentrate on 2 children, Hazim and another girl, Afifah.

Today.. another task was given to me by the Almighty.I take it that way.. as everything happens with His permission. I received a phone call... asking me to explain to Adik Hazim what death is. It seems, they met up for dinner yesterday,Adik Hazim and a group of my friends. Adik Hazim asked.." is it painful when we die..."

That is my task to explain to him.. may Allah help me in delivering this task..

I hope he will enjoy the trip tomorrow.. and hope that his mom & siblings will remember this forever,insyaAllah..

I seriously hope and pray that he will recover... at the same time, i will be there for him, helping him to understand that from Allah we come, to Allah we will go back..


( posted in FB on 7th August 2009 )