Care Bears

Does anyone remembers "Care Bears " ? That is one of my favourite cartoons during my childhood days. Still love it though ;) " Care Bears " are a group of sweet, cute bears that have their own super power and speciality, that will always come together in times of hardship, spray out their power that turns into a rainbow. Difficult to explain.. hehe, but those who have watched " Care Bears" would know what it is.

You know what.. I have CARE BEARS too :) Everyday, there will be a new "Care Bear" extending their support, strength and love to every project that I am doing. Some of them are people that I have known all my life and..some are those who I have not even met yet! SUBHANALLAH... All praise to Him. I believe behind every obstacle, there will be a beautiful rainbow. True enough .. it is always there, just keep on having faith in Him.

"Serunding Drive" is on the right track. Delivery will be on the 1st Ramadhan 1430 / 22nd August 2009. The beneficiaries are the Children Oncology Ward of PPUKM and UMMC.

May Allah bless you all.. insyaAllah