Serunding Drive

My friend asked me.. " what is that ? "

Here it goes.. as ward visit has to be postponed due to the H1N1 pandemic, I want the kids and families know that, they are in our mind.

As we are nearing Ramadhan, giving serunding is a splendid idea. I plan to deliver a packet of serunding, together with some dates as well as a book/sticker/stationery for the kids. Oh yes, it will be chicken floss ( Serunding ayam ) .. so that everyone can eat :)

Hospital food are not that bad nowadays, but if there is an extra dish, I think that would be great. My target is to deliver this to Children Oncology ward at UMMC & PPUKM.

My aunty used to say.. it's not how expensive your gift is, it's the thought that counts..

For the note,while I am writing this.. a lot of friends have agreed to help. Subhanallah

May Allah bless you all...