Being 12 Years Old...

Adik Hafiz is out from the ICU, after going through a difficult and painful moments. He is in so much pain, thus, he himself can control the amount of morphine to be injected to his body. I can't explain much on him.. as I have not spend much time with him yet. However, finally... he is no longer shy with me.. and wrote a list of things that he wish he could have. He is a nice, humble, shy 12 years old boy..

His wish is a list of PS2 games... the kids at the hospital really "ADORE" PS2, as they can't have a normal play time like other kids... but WAIT, most of the kids I know like play station, (err...adults too right ;)).. After all, they are CHILDREN, aren't they.. and u know what, I thank God he did not tell me to get rid of his chemo pod.. Adik Hazim did say that..

I am sharing his list with you.. should anyone feel like sending him that gift.. please let me know yea :)

Being 12 years old .. these are the things that makes him happy..

1. Ben 10 Alien Force
2. Jimmy Neutron
3. WWE
4. Dragon Ball
5. Sponge Bob
6. Grand Theft Auto By City
7. Grand Theft Auto
8. Kung Fu Panda
9. Iron Man
10.Ben 10

Maybe .. some parents would go against me giving the games to Adik Hafiz.I consulted my parents... My mom said.. " He is a child, and he is fighting for his life.. if that makes him happy, and makes him smile... it is OK.." I believe in my parents.. therefore.. I am giving it to him...

May All bless you all