Now it's time to move on..

Last Sunday, I went to visit Adik Hazim at his home. Alhamdulillah.. he looks fine, and smiling all the way. The siblings are fine too... in fact, they were teasing each other. The mother asked them to behave as I was around.. but then, kids being kids... quarelling, fighting and teasing are NORMAL. That is what I have wished for.. for Adik Hazim to have a normal life. Despite of being sick, and financially challenged, I wish these children can have a normal life. Normal life is not a perfect life... we are just human, ain't perfect at all. But to have a normal life is something that everyone would wish for.

Seeing them laughing, smiling, talking, and in fact quarelling, makes me realized that I can move on to the other children. I will always keep in touch with Adik Hazim and his family, as they have a special place in my heart.

I do have 2 other projects in mind.. guess I keep on having new projects :p I am already in discussion for " Syawal Note". Will post some details on that.

Another project is called " Cinderella Day Out ". Based on the original story, it was about Cinderella, wanted to go to the ball but did not have a proper clothes. And suddenly... puff ! Wishes came true

Check out next post on "Syawal Note" and " Cinderella Day Out"

take care all... May Allah bless you