The Red Devils

It is okay to have a dream.. because dreams do come true, insyaAllah
My dream was to get someone to meet Adik Hazim, and talk about football with him. Simply because, I do not even know what off-side is.
It started with only a skype chat with a dear friend of mine.. then it became a conversation with FAS coach. I thought it ended there. I never thought that one day, ASTRO would contact me with the interest of bringing Hazim to meet Manchester United players.
This open up my eyes. I realised that there is nothing wrong to dream and to hope. That is what Wishing Well Programme is all about. A programme/project/event/moment that can bring up happiness, laughter, fun and courage to the children who are facing a battle in their life.
When ASTRO contacted me, the only thing that have crossed my mind was.." if only I know if there are any other childhood cancer patients who need this.."
That will be my dream for now .. a dream to bring happiness to these wonderful children, regardless race, religion, status or gender...with the help of the lovely people out there, InsyaAllah..

To me.. every moment counts.. Adik Afifah, Adik Aiman, Adik Nor Adilah.. and the list goes on...

For those who endlessly supporting me, thank you so much for your prayers. May Allah bless you...