Syawal Note

Syawal Note is another little project to uplift the spirit of the children at the ward. The project is simple..sending a care pack as well as a few Eid cards for the kids at oncology ward. Few public figure has been approached to get the cards signed by them. Who are they... hmm.. I keep it till the end to let you all know... praying hard that they will sign it..insyaAllah..

Preparations are on going.. insyaAllah ,the target date to deliver the items is either 12th or 13th September 2009.

The beneficiaries..again, the oncology ward of UMMC and PPUKM. Why these wards are getting it.. mainly due to the relationship that I have made with them. Therefore.. if there are anyone out there, especially doctors or just anyone who knows who I can approach, who think these little projects can give an impact to your patients, family members or friends..... kindly contact me yea. Seriously... I would like to expand it to others..

I will think of something to cheer the kids.. we can start it small... As I wrote before, there is no harm in having a dream.. as Allah will help to make it happen, insyAllah..

May Allah bless you all..


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