Heart Of Gold

You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself. - Harvey S. Firestone 1868-1938”

It is a very heartfelt experience seeing people from different walk of life coming together in bringing happiness to those in need. Again, last Sunday was a day of joyful moment. It was an event organized by a hospital for the Thalassemia patients.

What impressed me most is seeing the commitments given by the artistes and personnel from ASTRO. Arrangements were done purely through e mails and text messages. My bad was that... I did not explain in detail of how the event will be. All I said was.. " See you guys at 12 noon ". Regardless the hiccups I did, Zahid, Toy, Edlin, Akma and Yazer gave a lovely unplugged performance to the patients and families. Through their gestures and smiles, I know it came from their heart. Heart of Gold.

I used to write that, I do not cry in front of the patients or families. No matter how bad the situation they are facing, how painful the child is battling with, shedding tears is a no, no to me.

However, last Sunday I could not stop a few drops of tears from flowing down...

Rest assure.. it was not due to sadness.. I was overwhelmed seeing the event being flooded by people with hearts of gold....

Thank you so much to See Bee, Zahid, Toy, Yazer, Edlin and Akma... you guys are marvelous ! :)

May Allah SWT bless you all...




  1. how can i join your events? I'd like to give back too.

  2. Dear Irwan,

    I do update of any programmes that I do.. insha Allah, you can join ... but write to me, and tell me about what you do... so that easier for me to know in what way you can help :)