Goodies For Kiddies

A few years ago, I experienced staying at the hospital during the Eid as I was taking care of my loved one. The feeling was indescribable ... sad, to be exact. But then, it was only 2 weeks for me and my loved one, syukur alhamdulillah.

However, unlike what I had experienced, the strong little heroes and their loving parents are experiencing it on day to day basis. Their courage, their faith and their strong will power is something that I always respect.

Therefore, with the Deepavali celebration coming soon, as well as Children's Day events being celebrated at schools ( when I was a little girl, I remember clearly my school did Chidren's Day Celebration in October , still the same eh? ),I humbly announcing Project "Goodies For Kiddies"

A short excerpt of a song by Ms. Carole King...

You've Got A Friend


If the sky above you

Should turn dark and full of clouds

And that old north wind should begin to blow

Keep your head together and call my name out loud

And soon I will be knocking upon your door.

You just call out my name and you know where ever I am

I'll come running to see you again....

Dear little children,

InsyaAllah, we will be knocking your door/bed soon.. with " Goodies For Kiddies" :)

Hopefully, these goodies can bring some cheer during the festive season... you always have our prayers and love little children, hugs to you all...

Goodies For Kiddies

- similar to the goody bags that Wishing Well Programme did during Chinese New Year & Eid, we will be sending out goody bags to oncology wards, in conjunction with Deepavali celebration as well as Children's Day.

- tentative date : 30th Nov 2010 ( Saturday )

May Allah SWT bless you..