The Signature

I am a big fan of tennis. I play tennis, watch tennis, talk about tennis and in fact read about tennis too.

Last year, at 33 years old, I was proudly holding a big tennis ball with signatures of Nikolay Davydenko & Fernando Verdasco.

I was grinning for days, felt like I am the luckiest person on earth. Haha.. sounds childish right, but then.. every adult still has that bits and pieces as a child in the heart.

Well, now you know why I try my best, to get the Raya cards for the children to be signed by someone who can bring smiles to their faces.

Because I know... it is a feeling beyond words...

It is impossible for us to take away their pain...

But, God willing.. it is possible for us to make them smile... even for a second.....

p/s When I was a child, Steffi Graf was my idol. She is still my idol, till now :)

take care