Courage & Strength

About 12 years ago, in a small apartment in a foreign land, I was on a long distance phone call. She said the pain was hard to explain. She knew time was running out on her. However, this was what she told me...

"I want to finish my degree. Getting married or having kids seems difficult now... but I want my scroll"

I came back during summer holiday, and promised to visit her... I was a day too late.

My dear sweet friend passed away not long after she finished her study. She had cancer.

She was not the only reason why I have been volunteering with childhood cancer patients.. but the short period of time that I had with her leads me to the turning point in my life. Her words I remembered clearly .. her courage and strength is something that I admire, till today. May Allah bless her soul.. insha Allah..

I am taking this chance to express my gratitude and appreciation to relatives and friends who have been supporting, helping and praying for every little projects that I have came up with, for the children with cancer. Thank you so much and I love you all.

As we are almost reaching new year for the Islamic Calendar which is 1431 Hijra, as well as Year 2010, I wish you the very best, happiness and good health in years to come.

..I was a child once. I had my share of a happy childhood memories. I hope these children can have theirs too... even for a few minutes of happy moments... insha Allah

That is what Wishing Well Programme is all about.. a chance for the childhood cancer patients to have fun and happy moments...insha Allah.. May Allah guide us all...

Take care...

May Allah bless you.. in anything that you do.. wherever you are...


  1. I remember her. The first classmate lost to cancer

  2. InsyAllah..may Allah bless her..Yup!her courage and strength give inspiration to me-to keep fighting in whatever im doing